Översikt: Update, fix, PC krav. Special: WinXP-64bit => extra fix.

Tillägg . Extra FIX till release 10.8.3. meddelas den 4 juni 2015.
OBS: FIX som läggs till efter ni installerat 10.8.3 (ej Reader).
Importer FIX med tillägg, rättningar och nya Microsoft komponenter.
Hämta-nedladda-FIX-här. LÄS mer här.

Ursprungliga Release notes 10.8.3 nedan




Version 10.x kan installeras sida vid sida med tidigare versioner av Spinfire såsom 9.0 och 8.x. Förekomsten av version 10.x upptäcks vid installationen och uppgraderas, vilket ger fixar till aktuella Spinfire 10.x användare. Den aktuella konfigurationen av importörer och plug-ins har också upptäckts vid installation och relevanta komponenter är uppdaterade.

Översikt - nytt i Spinfire 10.8.3

SpinFire 10.8.3 IMPORTER update (April 2015).

    • SolidWorks 2015
    • JT 10 
    • Parasolid V27
    • NX 10d

Info: redan klart i 10.8.2 (Jan 2015).

    • Update: NX

Info: klart i version 10.8.1.(Nov.2014)

    • CatiaV5-6R2014 SP4
    • Inventor 2015
    • Creo 3.0
    • SolidEdge ST7



FIX = rättat och klart med 10.8.3 update

Fixat, klart, justeringar, förbättringar sk situations händelser rapporterade av användare:

  • Generella fix
    • Allow tessellation quality parameters for CAD to STL process.
    • 3DPDF Export has a length restriction for the file name. 
    • nVIDIA GeForce 9600 latest drivers (341.44) crashes SpinFire.
    • CAD2CAD fails on Windows 7 32-bit.
    • SpinFire 10.8.2 on Windows 7 32-bit: NEWSHELL3Dsupport.dll error occurs.
  • AutoCAD
    • For some DXF files the mirror image is imported.
    • AutoCAD DWG is importing with extraneous unwanted drawing.
    • AutoCAD DWG drawing missing an entire table.
    • AutoCAD arm DWG missing border with AutoCAD.
  • Catia V5 
    • A 2D Catia v5 file opens but text does not fit the lower right table correctly and is missing the logo.
    • Extra support for converted Catia V5 file from CT Core Technologie 3D Evolution 2013.
  • IGES
    • Some IGES files "heavy" to open in SpinFire 10.8.1=> use 10.8.3.
  • Inventor
    • Inventor file shows hidden surfaces.
    • The Stapler.iam Inventor assembly "heavy" to open.
  • JT
    • Open JT file version 10.
  • NX
    • Additional surfaces are rendered opening an NX file.
    • Slow reading NX D1 version prt file.
    • Specific NX file must re-read.
    • Poor tessellation of holes (fixed).
    • Unable to open NX 9.0 file.
    • NX 9 3D Files opening empty.
    • NX9 error importing.
    • Specific NX file currently opens with a blank 2D drawing.
  • SAT
    • Poor tessellation quality in SAT importer.
  • SolidWorks
    • A SolidWorks 2D file doesn't frame correctly.
    • A SolidWorks 2D drawing is missing geometry and has additional DIM's which will not be displayed in SolidWorks itself.
    • SolidWorks 2D document is missing a central drawing.
    • SolidWorks 2D shaft_pulley.SLDDRW drawing is missing some text or dimensions (measurement drawing annotations).
    • SolidWorks drawings are outside of frame making the containing paper really wide.
    • SolidWorks 2D drawing: T theta symbols are missing next to values.

    • Solidworks 2D object(s) are missing.

    • SolidWorks 2011 2D drawing file loaded incorrectly.
    • SolidWorks 2D SLDDRW - missing theta symbol from drawing.
    • Fail to open SolidWorks 2015 files.
  • STEP
    • 3D work space entities appear to be missing. 
    • STEP Assembly imports with missing part.
    • STEP File importing with incorrect surfaces.
    • A STEP file opens with only the doughnut shape in SpinFire.
    • A ball shaped part appears in a STEP file import that should not be there.





Dator krav:

Client Environment



Operating System

Windows 7 (32-bit)



Windows 7 (64-bit)

Windows 7 (64-bit)

  Windows 8 (32-bit)  
  Windows 8 (64-bit)  


Windows Vista (32- or 64-bit) SP2


OS Language Supported

English (US)

English (US)


Simplified Chinese

Simplified Chinese
















  Japanese Japanese
  Korean Korean

CPU / Processor

Pentium III, 2.0+ Ghz

Pentium IV-Core 2 Duo or greater

Memory (w/o Importers)

1.0 GB (2.0 GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7)

2.0 GB (3.0 GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7) or more

Memory (w/ Importers)

2.0 GB (3.0 GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7)

3.0 GB (4.0 GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7) or more

Graphics Open GL capable graphics card with 128 MB RAM 512 MB or higher

Note: Windows XP 64-Bit Prerequisites


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