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SpinFire 10.9.1 Release Notes

  • publiserad: 23 feb. 2016 - sista 10 versionen = last version 10
  • Uppdateras och supportas ej längre - Not supported any more.
  • Senaste version som supportas finns i lista till höger.

SpinFire 10.9.1 includes:

The Installation

Version 10.9.1 can be installed side-by-side with previous releases of SpinFire, such as 9.0 and 8.x. The presence of Version 10.x is detected upon installation and upgraded, thereby providing fixes to current SpinFire 10.x users. The current configuration of importers and plug-ins is also detected on installation, and relevant components are updated.

Issues Addressed

  • AutoCAD

    • AutoCAD DWG page size is wrong using AutoCAD.
    • AutoCAD DWG missing N on arrow.
    • AutoCAD DWG file is missing borders around entities.
    • AutoCAD specific file failed to open.
    • AutoCAD extraneous black squares in drawing.
    • AutoCAD DWF drawing not fitting to page.
    • AutoCAD DWG files causes crash message to appear.

    • AutoCAD importer options causing DWF file import problem.

  • Catia v5

    • Opening specific CATDrawing displays incorrectly with poor quality.

    • Cannot open Catia 2D v5 R19 SP9 HF106 file.
    • Catia V5 2D drawing title block info missing.
    • Catia V5 2D CATDrawings don't fit to page.
    • Catia V5 2D CATDrawings not located correctly on paper.
    • Catia V5 CATDrawing file importing incorrectly (both sheets).
    • Catia V5 2D issue - specified file not fitting to page.

    • Catia V5 2D issue - specified drawing not fitting to page.

    • Helical spiral Catia V5 issue - a model imported incorrectly in low tessellation.

    • Catia V5 R24 display three "Surfaces" incorrectly with bad assembly tree names.

  • Inventor
    • Inventor IPT file takes much longer to load than before.
  • NX
    • NX 8.0 2D file displayed incorrectly with missing geometry and bad fonts.
    • NX D12D file does not open.
    • NX 2D specified drawing is displayed incorrectly.
  • SolidWorks
    • Solidworks 2D file has missing company logo.
  • STEP
    • Step file exported out of PROE does not open.

Known Issues

  • Some quality issues with Catia V5 R24 files
  • SolidWorks 2015 2D files fail to open.
  • CAD2CAD JT export file is v8.1

Supported Environments

Client Environment



Operating System

Windows 7 (32-bit)



Windows 7 (64-bit)

Windows 7 (64-bit)

  Windows 8 (32-bit)  
  Windows 8 (64-bit)  
  Windows 10 (32-bit)  
  Windows 10 (64-bit)  


Windows Vista (32- or 64-bit) SP2


OS Language Supported

English (US)

English (US)


Simplified Chinese

Simplified Chinese
















  Japanese Japanese
  Korean Korean

CPU / Processor

Pentium III, 2.0+ Ghz

Pentium IV-Core 2 Duo or greater

Memory (w/o Importers)

1.0 GB (2.0 GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7)

2.0 GB (3.0 GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7) or more

Memory (w/ Importers)

2.0 GB (3.0 GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7)

3.0 GB (4.0 GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7) or more

Graphics Open GL capable graphics card with 128 MB RAM 512 MB or higher

Note: Windows XP 64-Bit Prerequisites




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