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  • published Scandinavia: 6 Aug. 2015


SpinFire 10.9 includes:

  • Support for 3D Inventor 2016
  • Support for 3D Catia V5-6 R2015 (R25)
  • Added flattened layer mode to CatiaV5 and NX Importers
  • Update 3D & 2D importers 

The Installation

Version 10.9 can be installed side-by-side with previous releases of SpinFire, such as 9.0 and 8.x. The presence of Version 10.x is detected upon installation and upgraded, thereby providing fixes to current SpinFire 10.x users. The current configuration of importers and plug-ins is also detected on installation, and relevant components are updated.

Issues Addressed

  • AutoCAD

    • Added flattened layer mode for DWG importer.
    • A DWG file is importing without any Dimensions.
    • AutoCAD DWG file imports incorrectly.
    • DWG file import correctly, but all layers are hidden.
    • Actually DWG drawing is missing/shifted, but measurement is imported correctly.
    • An AutoCAD DWG file is missing red hashed lines.
    • An AutoCAD DWG file hangs on importing drawing.
    • AutoCAD DXF file border placement of 2D drawing is incorrect
    • AutoCAD DWG file takes a very long time to open and is incorrect when opened
    • AutoCAD dwg filename with Chinese characters fails to Import
  • Catia v5

    • CATIA V5 2D Import (*.catdrawing) will display wrong and overlapped geometry 

    • CATIA V5 R19 - Problem saving as .3D
    • CATIA V5 drawing imports with a view misaligned 
    • CATIA V5 2D CATDrawing missing data on Alle text
    • Missing PMI text on 2D Catdrawing file

    • A CATIA V5 2D CATDrawing -fFrame around drawing is incorrect 
    • CATIA V5 R22 sample .CATPart files not importing 

    • CATIA V5 R24 will not read into SpinFire Professional 10.8.3

    • .CATPart file from CATIA V5 R19 SP9 HF83 doesn`t open in Spinfire 10.x

    • CATIA V5 2D does not fit to page when imported with SpinFire 10
    • CATIA V5 2D issue - drawing file crashes SpinFire Professional
    • CATIA V5 (4T28 2D CATDrawing) - V61: text not fitting in container
    • CATIA V5 2D 4T28 CATDrawing - V61: Chinese text not fitting to page or table
    • CATIA V5 2D underscores incorrectly written as Czech characters
    • CATIA V5 Assemblytree names in CATIAV5 R24 A20*.catpart (misnomer: "geometrical result")
    • CATIA V5 2D CATDrawings are not being imported with items in the correct position
    • CATIA V4 2D Issue: drawings is missing most entities compared to HPGL
  • IGES
    • No IGES annotations in Spinfire 10.8.X
  • NX
    • Support for NX10 2D 
    • NX 2D drawing importing with dimensions out of place 
    • NX 2D Drawing Missing Geometry
  • Parasolid
    • Import Parasolid binary file *.x_b failed.
  • SolidEdge
    • importing .dft/converted .dft.3d files open in windows XP dont open in Windows 7 (solidedge)
  • SolidWorks
    • Support for SolidWorks 2015 2D
    • Support for multi-sheet Solidworks 2D 

    • Miscoloration of line drawings in SolidWorks 2D 

Known Issues

  • NX 9.0.3 files may not open successfully.
  • Some quality issues with Catia V5 R24 files
  • SolidWorks 2015 2D files fail to open.
  • CAD2CAD JT export file is v8.1

Supported Environments

Client Environment



Operating System

Windows 7 (32-bit)



Windows 7 (64-bit)

Windows 7 (64-bit)

  Windows 8 (32-bit)  
  Windows 8 (64-bit)  


Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)



Windows XP SP2 (64-bit)
Note: See requirements below.



Windows Vista (32- or 64-bit) SP2


OS Language Supported

English (US)

English (US)


Simplified Chinese

Simplified Chinese
















  Japanese Japanese
  Korean Korean

CPU / Processor

Pentium III, 2.0+ Ghz

Pentium IV-Core 2 Duo or greater

Memory (w/o Importers)

1.0 GB (2.0 GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7)

2.0 GB (3.0 GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7) or more

Memory (w/ Importers)

2.0 GB (3.0 GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7)

3.0 GB (4.0 GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7) or more

Graphics Open GL capable graphics card with 128 MB RAM 512 MB or higher

Note: Windows XP 64-Bit Prerequisites



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